About us


In the heart of Valpantena, just a stone’s throw from the historic city of Verona, stands Ripa della Volta. This Veronese winemaking reality represents the passion and vision of Andrea Pernigo, who founded the winery in the belief that respect for the land and the use of organic practices are fundamental to creating superior wines.

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Andrea, together with his team, is working with commitment and dedication to turn this ideal into a tangible reality, made up of their own vineyards and winery. The result is a range of Valpolicella wines, an authentic expression of the territory and the result of careful and passionate work.

We believe that every bottle of wine should tell a story, that of the land from which it comes and the hands that have skillfully cultivated it, a tribute to the beauty and richness of the territory. For this reason, every decision, from the vineyard to the winery, is guided by principles of sustainability, uncompromising quality, research and experimentation.

We invite you to discover our winery, share our passion for wine and experience its excellence. Welcome to our world, where every sip encapsulates the essence of a unique land and our vision in respect for the land and its people.


The company’s vineyards are managed according to strict criteria of sustainability, using agronomic techniques that do not affect the ecosystem and offer greater guarantees for consumer health. In 2019, the company obtained organic certification for its Valpolicella. The entire production will be organic certified as of the 2019 vintage of Amarone and Ripasso.

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Ripa della Volta exclusively cultivates and enhances native and traditional grape varieties to highlight the importance of the individual characteristics of each vine and the uniqueness of their fruit: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, Spigamonte and Turchetta.

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Grapes are harvested and selected strictly by hand. Our limited productions are the result of great care and attention to the quality of raw materials and human labour.

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Our values

Sostenibilità, rispetto del territorio, artigianalità: questi sono i valori su cui si fonda la nostra filosofia.

A contemporary gesture

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The creation of the ‘Ripa della Volta’ label by the artist Patrizio Vanessi sums up a gesture, a detail. It was neither studied nor planned but spontaneous, on the spot, with no room for hesitation or reflection, and conceptually powerful, harsh and true like the land from which it comes.

Turn volume on to listen to the poetry
Hai adagiato un seme Hai adagiato un seme tra terra, tra terra, argilla e pietra. argilla e pietra.
Hai accudito Hai accudito una vigna forte una vigna forte e indomita e indomita tra collina, tra collina, montagna montagna e cielo. e cielo.
Hai atteso, Hai atteso, raccolto e spremuto raccolto e spremuto un’uva arcigna e piena. un’uva arcigna e piena.
Grazie per Grazie per questo nettare puro questo nettare puro e rotondo e rotondo che sa trasmettere che sa trasmettere serenità serenità e forza e forza al mio vivere. al mio vivere.
Patrizio Vanessi